chrome hearts
air max 97

One hundred yuan wine List the highest price today let drunk to save your little emotion

ight at home,
put the bag away,
now you just want to bed and a close contact to a ~ but did not eat dinner,
hungry stomach empty already to chest stickers on the back,
you have to climb up and go to the fridge,
even a bug inside absolutely empty.
The phone rang and thought it was the leader's message,
but found it was the bank statement on time.
Sometimes I'm really tired,
I try my best,
but in the end,
nothing but the rent,
the loan,
the bill.
The life you want to see seems to be getting farther and farther away from you.
In fact,
life is an abstract definition,
and what you see for it is not all of it.
As you think of imported wine only the rich can afford,
the price must be very expensive,
but in fact a lot of imported wine,
into the entry-level class but also on