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Life must be common knowledge, 19 coup how to identify fresh eggs?

: easy to label to buy a gift give,
the price tag is difficult to tear up the hand to pull will pull the dirty black but more ugly,
if you use hair dryer blowing hot again tear,
will be very easily torn off,
leaving no trace! Identification of eggs: eggs used as lighting,
small shorts,
eggs completely lucent,
is orange red,
no black spots inside the eggs,
no red shadow.
If you want to measure the freshness of eggs,
you can dip them into cold water.
If the egg is lying flat in the water,
it is very fresh; if it is tilted in the water,
the egg has been stored for at least 3~5 days; if it is placed upright in the water,
it may be stored for 10 days.
In addition,
if the egg floats on the water,
then the egg may have gone bad.
Perfume spray mosquitoes: outside the screen if there is a mosquito