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Did you bloom there?

e cream cars always bring sweetness,
flower cars give passers-by good mood.
Opening a flower shop is probably the most romantic dream in every girl's mind.
Open a flower shop,
whether in the downtown or at the corner of the street,
can let the person passing by unconsciously appear,
and always make people smell the fragrance of the moment show soft smile.
If you really open a store florist,
the pressure is really very large,
to consider lots,
decoration and so on.
But I want to say,
do not give up because of these,
you might as well move the florist shop,
you only need to have a car,
you can realize this seems to be far away from us dream.
Spring does not close,
no matter where the car,
beautiful flowers are able to attract passers-by,
and always let a person cannot help buy a bunch