chrome hearts
air max 97

Yes, it's just the summer's need

May Day holiday,
the topic of luggage simplification mentioned,
if you go out with only one accessory,
I will choose sunglasses.
Not only is it necessary for a concave shape,
but also because of the growing sun and ultraviolet rays,
it is expected to protect the fragile skin of the eye.
So the world is big,
a lot of sunglasses,
in the end which one to buy? According to the face we did choose Sunglasses last year (here What's New || see 6 popular sunglasses to find your face covering artifact),
said many students confused their face,
and felt a lot of good,
cross eye how to do.
Let's go to Jane this time,
and say,
if we buy only one pair of sunglasses this summer,
which one should we buy?.
My own answer is: pilot sunglasses.
We are just shortly before the end of the Coachella Music Fe