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We ten people rely on wood shelf edge what to change the fate of

lick the blue [] you view view highlights - ID:ipress abstract in fact history gives the answer.
Today's public opinion is calling for the birth of the gentry of Xinxiang,
but what about the soil of the new squire? And a new generation of edge - Book shell ones,
how to change their own destiny? Can we hope for another revolution? When I was young,
I listened to the elders of the family in the village in the middle of Hunan Province and told me many recollections of my hometown.
There are two things I remember vividly.
One is from my village ten in the Longxi Dipu,
there was a big landlord Li master,
his son Li Wen (Zuo Bin) is a graduate of Whampoa ,
after the official corps commander,
over North China suppression Deputy commander-in-chief do change before 1949.
The first KMT-CPC cooper