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The strategic choice of a critical period for the development of the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Xin Guobin in 13th Five-Year Chinese robot industry

ve-Year is China's robot industry future development key period.
Deputy Minister of industry and information technology Xin Guobin on the lookout think tank that vigorously develop the robotics industry,
to create new advantages of China's manufacturing,
promote industrial restructuring and upgrading,
accelerate the construction of manufacturing power,
it is important to improve the level of people's life.
Financial decision No.
1: ENNweekly (long press copy),
the lookout think tank Song Yiqing robot,
have attracted the attention of people.
2016 is China's 13th Five-Year at the beginning of the year,
is also China's intelligent manufacturing system to promote development of the first year.
13th Five-Year plan explicitly proposed to promote the development of robot.
As an important sy