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The most regretful thing in love

of green can listen to read audio - - - anchor lemon Wen Wu grandmother | poetry at the age of 17,
was introduced to Grandpa,
grandpa grandma to head back at first sight,
the grandmother,
is shamelessly active to stay for dinner.
That noon,
the family was just not in,
the grandmother is the youngest daughter in the family,
never cooked rice,
she said,
I will not,
want to take grandpa away,
Grandpa continue to brazen,
you casually get some,
you do what I eat.
grandma get the rest of the day before the sweet potato silk and Steamed Rice,
gave grandpa a fried rice,
fried paste,
black and hard,
like a dish,
with the words now,
is a dark cuisine,
Grandpa was silly to take it off,
my grandmother smiled,
the thing was done.
Grandmother married after the door,
still can't cook,
not la