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Remember where you came from and where you were going. Read 1054th poems for you

- drawings of modern Chinese painting master Qi Baishi's work.
Red flowers and green leaves are strongly contrasted with red and green,
showing strong vitality in early summer.
Tomorrow is the beginning of summer,
on seventy-two candidates annals: Li,
Jianshi; summer vacation also.
Things are false at this time.
It means that everything has grown up here.
Want to do early in the The early bird catches dragonflies on the lotus just buds enjoy the summer scenery listen (click on the audio or video,
you can listen to a lotus) author: Li Shangyin (Tang) read the poem for you: Ji | adorable CCTV Anchor world mosaic not Aaron,
flowers into the golden leaf Zuochen basin.
Only the red green Handan,
comfortable opening and closing as naive.
This flower,
this leaf length is opposite,
the jade