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Promotion, lotus girl back without your heart

e time,
we all have a childhood flavour.
I just want to get that smell back.
I was brought up by my grandmother.
I was especially picky when I was a child.
I was not honest with my meals.
I could chew rice for half an hour in a bite and sometimes run around in the yard as I ate.
This time she will come up with a bowl of strange things,
with a vague area of sweet taste,
she said this is normal.
When going to school,
my mother took me to Hangzhou,
after sale in West Lake lotus root starch flank stall,
pestering mom ordered a grandmother found with lotus root starch,
lotus root starch is completely different.
My mother told me to eat my grandmother is Naigao,
and the sweet fragrance is added sugar and sweet scented osmanthus tree in the yard the petals.
Many years later,
I have forgotten the