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Class, beauty goddess really only can not eat it is you do not have Get to the fetish

r once told us a few small assistant said,
the real heavyweight beauty not only face to look good,
skin to white,
hair to supple sheen,
the key is good shape! As long as the body thin enough enough symmetry,
looks not so ugly can be regarded as a beauty! Temperament,
when you don't speak,
most of it comes from your clothes and your body,
so it's really important for women to be in shape.
But how many people are able to keep good habits now? Even if refrain from eating greasy things,
to maintain a balanced diet of three meals,
but also can not resist the regular overtime,
stay up late ah.
it's hard to be thin and healthy! This time,
God will be put to use some assists ~ Nippon MINAMI upgrade Ti minus Zhi amino acid thin fiber single pill bag to promote intestinal peristalsis is known as