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China will be completely subverted by these changes in the next 30 years

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click the title below IPO observation on our author: thick gold (see commercial network exclusive contributors) source: see business network (ID:bwchinesewx),
timed push global financial new insight in the past 30 years of reform and opening up,
China made brilliant achievements.
In the next 30 years,
how China will develop and how the Chinese people will change in life has become the focus of attention.
The chairman of the board Ma Alibaba at a summit said that the world is undergoing great changes,
believe that in the next 30 years is the most wonderful human society for 30 years,
the next 30 years is expected to 30 years,
the next 30 years or a panic fear for 30 years.
Even so,
Ma future with profound respect and humility what will be like? What changes will China reverse