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Wrong with the refrigerator for decades, even 1 plans to teach me

hat? Refrigerators are not only designed for different foods,
but also have different temperature areas.
If you put it in the wrong place,
it may cause you to lose food,
or even cooking at home.
Today Xiaobian teach you how to read a map in order to put food in refrigerator energy saving and health at the freezer at 1 you may not know,
you can even put the egg into the freezer! By the way,
there's bread,
You can put the bread in the freezer for three months,
but don't put it in the freezer,
so it will kill.
Tightly wrapped food in containers and placed in good order helps maximize storage space and save electricity bills.
2 refrigerator door refrigerator door refrigerator is the most warm,
so the Feng Shui for the most afraid of toss food.
Such as spices,