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The 3 year old children love to do this when the mother so hard he

ears old this year,
a home intelligent son garden more than 3 years old,
usually kindergarten popular children's favorite teacher.
But recently,
a small Shen head,
she found nothing to touch my Yuanyuan love chicken chicken.
Xiao Shen began to care little,
thinking that children might be unconscious.
Several days later,
Yuan Yuan or so,
even more serious.
Shen found that at the beginning,
just before going to bed will Yuanyuan touch down just now,
if one wanted to touch it,
and would not be pacified,
even frighten all the still.
For this reason,
little Shen Zhen was worried to death.
Since the child likes to touch the genitals frequently,
the mood is so ashamed and urgent that he is at a loss what to do.
Parents will worry that this will affect the child's future growth and development? Wh