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Otaku addicted to play 54 Youth Day risk was 49 girlfriends died

you do if you had 49 girlfriends? One cook,
one laundry,
and the other 47 play games with you.
For game otaku,
think about whether there is still a little chicken movement? When it comes to women who are the most votes,
national husband Cong,
whether male or female,
micro-blog under the uniform all shouting to give her husband a monkey.
such as a night peach blossom,
this acid cool,
and only harem beauty three thousand of the emperor Ma can taste it?.
Since then,
the descendants of the Wuli from the sun chaeKi Obama landing,
national husband what can not replace the heart of Obama's hungry daughters.
It's no longer a born monkey that meets the psychological and physical needs.
All is in the Song Joong Ki poison,
poison Hello,
hello poison,
poison: hello.
But in the face of 2