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Michele Lee for the second child is such a fight, Chinese medicine fattening, frozen eggs, and even consider artificial surrogacy

Nono Michele Lee said,
we first thought is ghost story in Nie Xiaoqian's sister Fu Yuechi? Fallen angels in smart Angel two? Or man in a glamorous Yuan Chi Huang Juan? But no matter what role she plays,
she always gives the impression that she is beautiful! In fact,
Michele Lee is a Portuguese mixed,
with 18 year old Miss Hong Kong title,
was named the most beautiful Miss Hong Kong,
after her life path and circle many goddess,
marry a billionaire husband,
have a favorite son,
but she is out of the ordinary when everyone in the fight the second fight the three child,
she just gave birth to a son a belly but things can not be so sure? It is originally said she did not want to regeneration Michele Lee recently changed the idea of going to chase a! Sure enough women hear