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In her time, Feng Xiaocong worked hard to get through the difficult period of starting a business

l manager of the Qingdao sea marine source Biotechnology Co.
Feng Xiaocong in the National Women's Federation for the first time this year,
directly facing the public for the 15 of the 38 red hands,
general manager from Qingdao,
Qingdao female college students entrepreneurship source submarine marine biotechnology Ltd.
Feng Xiaocong,
through social recommendation and through online voting and expert assessment,
was elected.
The girl was born in 1986 in Qingdao,
after graduating from the University of the business sells sea jelly,
8 years to break their own piece of the sky,
two consecutive years of annual turnover of over 100 million yuan.
Feng Xiaocong,
who has won the highest honor for women,
still hasn't stopped her busy pace.
Reporters recently boarded the Shazikou Industrial Park