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Don't want to go to work. How do you cure the postganglionic syndrome?

completely no intention to go to work,
all the way down is not the way! What should I do? Poke here! One minute to teach you that eliminate post holiday syndrome Fankun - - for office? Many people even before the night was very good,
can go to the desk to sit still sleepy,
give you a call,
this time particularly strong taste chewing sugarless mints,
or find a suitable person in the office talk can be refreshing.
I see the massive work - anxiety? Work with anxiety back to see the mountains after the man almost made it easier! According to the corrosion degree of schedule emergency work,
to the maximum extent regulating anxiety increased due to accumulation of work or fear forget important work; the rest of the time,
according to the action with uniform and deep breath hold walls do pus