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ter for a long time not Tucao,
and feel that their tongue is not straight,
today's sister power to open spray! Don't laugh,
big troll is me,
I am big spray,
one from the entertainment of the most upright ring sister! On the chest,
this matter can be understood,
there is capital well,
after all,
between A and D,
for some men,
Lincoln may be extended with the Chery QQ distance,
so sister ring said that it can be understood! But the ring sister do not understand is that it was hot enough,
but not to dress in rags,
or wear a few rags out of tinkling se! I should put those consigned to the Amazon tribe feeding red ants! First,
Dayao Chen Yao,
famous micro-blog queen,
has also taken an embarrassing cover,
and do not say chest size,
the few rags,
the number of star crossed! It's better for Chen Y