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To go to Tokyo, Japan, we must eat the 6 most favorite noodles

istrict as Tokyo and even the whole of Japan's most famous busy business district,
should no one in Tokyo,
do not go here? You were tired and hungry after playing the most can not miss is not a bowl of noodles and tenacious? Jin sauce introduced today is located in Shinjuku 6 soba shop,
pick a home you can enjoy authentic Japanese soba! As for Shinjuku weekdays,
24 hours a day,
what time to what time is really very convenient.
There is soup noodles (250 yen),
tempura soba (350 yen),
Tianyu soba (400 yen); the most popular is the day jade buckwheat noodles,
buckwheat noodles soup will pour in,
put tempura,
green onion,
[name] ~ bursting with satisfaction,
as for the new accommodation [address] Tokyo Shinjuku 1-2-10 [0333443820] hand phone for speech Da an hidden in Shinjuku a handmade