chrome hearts
air max 97

Rookie, 201655 investment reference Thursday

sunflower book,
the first to know these: * market to maintain volatility,
this stage what should I do? * all the chips are white T-shirts,
but isn't it worth playing? * pull out the wool should stick to what the spirit,
you know? [&amp] to continue to pay attention to the stock market; the fund market key points of patience wait all day long yesterday the market appears weak shock pattern,
public utilities and liquor sector led,
but the overall market is not strong,
all day long to maintain the shock pattern,
small volume of the market received a small candle,
continued after finishing,
will usher in the direction of the center line selection.
Look at the line from the market day to see 3 Lian Yang and attack shadow on the 20 line,
completed since th