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irst 1cang ID:diyishoucang 87 version of a dream of Red Mansions can be regarded as the hearts of a generation of classic,
this drama has been replayed million times,
known as impassable classic and history of the wonderful TV China chapter.
Although the funds were limited and the conditions were crude,
it was the joint effort of all of us to maximize the characters in the play.
So far,
the characters in the play are still imprinted on our minds.
In 1983 the crew was established,
then the crew only 3 people,
in order to shape the characters,
the crew lasted 1 years,
a nationwide collection of actors,
director Wang Fulin claims not big,
not star,
the 151 characters,
153 actors,
all is the roots.
In spring and summer in 1984,
the crew at the Old Summer Palace in Beijing held 2 of the