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I was insulted fifty-eight times by the same man

he morning.
Qin Haoyu opened the door with a bottle of wine.
Lu Nanzhi heard scared immediately sat up on the bed,
turn on the lights.
Before the quilt could be opened,
his whole body fell,
and she pressed her to the bottom.
Uh - his chest was pressing on her head,
gasping for breath.
It was a quilt he opened himself down,
full lips pressed booze up.
How can Lu Nanzhi cope with his illness when he is ill? Without a moment,
he was in his hands.
Warm hands covered,
like fire burning her body and mind.
What? Also hypocritically want to resist? Want to refuse to greet? You seem to like it too.
After Qin Haoyu's satire,
she kissed her pale lips without a trace of tenderness.
It was not a kiss,
it was a bite! Give vent to tonight's discontent.
The Nanzhi pain and anxious,
clenched his fist t