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Eggs in the morning are good or bad for the body, never thought of

the consequences of eating an egg a day,
you know? An egg a day can not only improve your memory,
but also protect your eyesight and help you lose weight.
But some people have doubts about the egg heart,
afraid to eat every day to raise blood lipids.
As you know,
eating an egg for breakfast has many advantages.
Add high-quality protein: get V protein is the material basis of all life,
compared with porridge and bread and other food,
egg protein in the amino acid composition,
the essential amino acid composition and human body are similar,
outstanding biological value is all in food.
In addition,
the absorption and utilization of protein in eggs are higher than those of porridge and bread.
Increase satiety: get tick egg can not only provide sufficient protein for the body,
can also delay th