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A murderous mother's love

in my 9 years old,
my mom and dad put me as a pearl in the palm,
my life is full of joy and light of heart from care.
But since my mother and father went to a hospital in Wuhan,
my life is not as good as before,
when my parents came back,
it was evening.
To tell the truth,
in my young heart,
my favorite is my mother.
Until eight or nine years old,
every time my mother came back from the field,
I will open arms to her arms,
this time my mother not only did not take me to the bosom as before,
but instead of a face,
she did not see me,
so she pulled me to my father's leg.
She went straight to the room,
and I was silly.
The next few days,
I came back to school,
or at home for dinner,
my mother saw my always gloomy face,
even when she was laughing with others,
I pushed h